Senior Cloud Architect

Full Time

Who We Are

Glo is a digital platform for total well-being. We help our community feel their best in body and mind through on-demand and livestream yoga, meditation, Pilates, and fitness classes with world-class teachers. The Senior Cloud Architect will play an essential role in Glo’s mission and vision to connect people through self-care so that, together, we can heal ourselves and our planet.

Position Overview

As an expert in your field, the Senior Cloud Architect at Glo guides the technological development of the entire engineering team. You will have the opportunity to consistently challenge yourself by adopting new technologies and building with them to scale. As the primary contact for our long-standing AWS relationship, you will have access to Alpha and Beta technologies to continually keep Glo’s tech stack on the cutting edge.

Together with the Director of Engineering, you will be responsible for defining the evolution of standard practices and procedures, assisting the engineering team in architecture of cloud systems, vendor and technology choices, and documentation. As the solo Cloud Architect on the team, you will also take an active role in mentoring other engineers regarding technology practices and procedures. 

What You’ll Do

  • Design and develop cloud architecture: Write clean and scalable infrastructure-as-code for all cloud systems, including but not limited to databases, applications, microservices and serverless functions in Node.JS.
  • Own cloud systems: Primary contact for AWS related infrastructure, architecture, and services. Should be in contact with our AWS Representative frequently and up to date on new technologies that are offered. 
  • Cost monitoring and reduction: Have an eye for doing more with less, continually reduce costs on our server infrastructure, help lead negotiations with AWS reps and be up to date with cost saving measures and tools from AWS.
  • Security: Have an eye for security and business continuity in all aspects of the technology stack. Be the go to resource for security concerns and best practices.
  • Monitoring and Alerting: Work with client and services teams to establish robust alerting and monitoring systems. While not expected to be on call at all times, the principal solutions architect should take an active role in site stability and outage recovery. Some on call time does occur.
  • Developer Experience: Work with Director of Engineering and engineering teams to ensure Glo has the most optimized developer environment, reducing friction for engineers and increasing the safety and frequency of testing and deployments.

Who You Are

  • Technical Wizard: You have strong technical skills that allow you to teach the team about greenfield technology.
  • Growth Mindset: You use ambiguity as an opportunity to ask questions, solve problems, test & learn, and ultimately - grow.
  • Accountable: You’re a self-starter who is great at working independently, but you’re aware of your accountability to a larger team, working hard to achieve collective goals with the larger organizational context in mind.
  • Communicator: You have excellent communication skills, enabling you to speak plainly and clearly about technical topics, and you over-communicate to keep remote team members in the loop.
  • Curious: Your curiosity causes you to dive in and investigate the things you don’t know and share what you’ve learned with others.
  • Learner: You’re aware of external technologies, using the information you know to keep Glo on the cutting edge of the industry.
  • Resilient: You enjoy working in a fast-paced environment that brings new challenges.
  • Critical Thinker: You’re a critical thinker who intentionally deliberates about design decisions, identifying tradeoffs in terms of memory, performance, maintenance and testability.
  • Strategic: Your strategic mindset helps you understand and create system architecture with ease.

Your Qualifications

  • 7+ years of DevOps, Sys-admin, or similar experience, preferably in a streaming environment 
  • 7+ years of software engineering experience
  • 5+ years experience with AWS tools like EC2, Lambda, Cloudfront
  • 3+ years experience with Kubernetes 
  • 3+ years experience with Node.JS or similar language
  • Proven ability to implement clean, scalable systems and write infrastructure as code
  • Mentorship experience across multiple engineering disciplines
  • Ability to convey complex technical specifications to non-technical stakeholders
  • Must live in California or Texas and be willing to travel to Los Angeles 2-3x/year


The internal mission of Glo is to make Glo a great place to work where you can learn and maximize your potential.  In order to do that we offer: 

  • Distributed Work Environment - We operate as a remote-first team that comes together at a few key points throughout the year in Los Angeles for strategy, planning and celebration. We provide the equipment along with a stipend when you start to help you set up your home workspace to fit your needs.
  • Competitive Salary & Benefits - Although we’re still a growing team of about 50 employees, we know the basics matter. In addition to competitive salary, inline with mid-size media streaming companies, we offer 401k and we cover 100% of monthly premiums for our employees’ health, vision, and dental insurance premiums.
  • Flexible PTO - Just as we trust you to get the work done in the way and place that works best for you, we encourage you to take time off when you need it.  
  • Learning, Development & Growth - We take your professional growth seriously - conducting bi-annual performance reviews and providing an independent Learning & Development budget that starts at $500/person right out of the gate. In addition, we will be growing significantly over the next few years. Our goal is to continuously learn and improve from our work and each other.
  • Early Stage Startup Mentality - For those interested in early stage startups, Glo is a rare opportunity to join very early (~50 people) without taking on product-market fit, distribution, funding or compensation risk.  While the company was founded over 10+ years ago, we are on a mission to invest in future growth.
  • Company Culture - We work hard to ensure Glo is a place where you feel comfortable being yourself and you are able to do your best work, and we encourage our employees to hold us accountable for keeping it that way. We offer two robust annual surveys to check-in with the team, weekly pulse check updates, and a People Operations and management team that is ready to help address any questions or concerns.

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