Yamas and Niyamas

10 Yogic Disciplines to Gain Insight and Create Change
with Stephanie Snyder


Focus on everyday applications of yoga philosophy to support real, lasting, and positive change. This course explores the first two limbs of yoga outlined in the Yoga Sutras—a living and robust path that all yogis must continuously walk. Known as the yamas and niyamas, they reveal a set of ethical guidelines for creating harmonious relationships with yourself and the world. When implemented with dedication, they are powerful tools of accountability that will propel your personal growth and empower you to live your yoga off the mat.

This course will help you infuse these principles into your life, one yama and niyama at a time. Through lecture, asana, meditative reflection, and daily sadhana (spiritual practice), you'll identify your personal limitations, discover how they are influencing you, then get clear directions for positive change. A profound, lifelong practice, this course can be returned to again and again, as the yamas and niyamas contain layers of meaning that will continue to reveal themselves with time.


This course is designed for both teachers and dedicated students of yoga. Teachers will learn how to weave aspects of the yamas and niyamas into their classes, however, the course will help anyone gain a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy that positively affects how they interface with the world.

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36 videos
organized into
15 chapters

Each chapter contains lectures, asana, and meditation, with quizzes throughout to affirm your learning. Reflective assignments will help you move from intention to action, taking real steps toward embodying the teachings in your daily life. There are also downloadable PDF's containing excerpts from selected Yoga Sutras along with a Sanskrit pronunciation guide.

Learn from master teachers in the comfort of your home.

Link together in-depth philosophical concepts into historical context.

Bring the teachings onto your mat through asana and meditation practices.

Watch and learn with dynamic visual demonstrations.

2 Lectures 2 quizzes
1 Lecture 2 Practices 1 quiz
1 Lecture 2 Practices 1 quiz
1 Lecture 2 Practices 1 quiz
1 Lecture 2 Practices 1 quiz
1 Lecture 2 Practices 1 quiz
Yamas Summary
1 Lecture
Introduction to Niyama
1 Lecture 1 quiz
1 Lecture 2 Practices 1 quiz
1 Lecture 2 Practices 1 quiz
1 Lecture 2 Practices 1 quiz
1 Lecture 2 Practices 1 quiz
Īśvara Praṇidhāna
1 Lecture 2 Practices 1 quiz
1 Lecture 1 quiz
1 Lecture

Stephanie Snyder

Stephanie is a student of the Krishnamacharya lineage and in particular Ramanand Patel. She is respected for her ability to balance strategic sequencing, sound alignment, and sophisticated philosophical concepts into a devotional vinyasa practice. Recognized for her love and deep knowledge of yogic philosophy, Stephanie has offered these teachin...

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How long do I have access to this course?

You will have access at any time, no matter when you purchase or begin the course, for the life of the course. The course and all included materials are accessible anytime and can be completed on your schedule.

How does it work?

  • The course content is delivered to you via online streaming video with downloadable supporting documents, organized into 15 chapters with 37 instructional videos total.
  • There are self-reflection assignments throughout the course to help you connect personally with the teachings and integrate them into your daily life.
  • There are also quizzes in each chapter to test your absorption of the material.
  • The Discussion Forum is a place for you to post your experiences and questions as you move through the content, as well as to connect with other enrolled students and faculty.

The total running time for this course is 13 hours, 26 mins.

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Yamas and Niyamas

10 Yogic Disciplines to Gain Insight and Create Change
with Stephanie Snyder