Ali Owens is a yoga and meditation teacher, dancer, global traveler, mother, and nature conservationist. It was her passion for movement that led her to discover yoga while studying dance in the World Arts & Cultures program at UCLA. She signed up for a yoga course as a way to unwind from the long days of training but what she discovered was an enthusiastic interest in the philosophy and spirituality of the practice. Upon graduation, she completed her first yoga teacher training in Santa Monica and continued to study with some of the most celebrated teachers in the world.

Once a simple way to wind down from a very busy lifestyle, yoga has become the catalyst for Ali to live the life she always dreamed. Her mission is to empower people to discover their purpose and find the way to making it a reality.

Ali has taught at some of the most reputable studios in Los Angeles and worked with several leading yoga and fitness brands as a spokeswoman and ambassador. She is a featured teacher on several meditation apps and contributing writer for MindBodyGreen, Yoga Journal, and Chalkboard Magazine. For more information please visit, or follow along on social media @aliomyoga.


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