Katherine Ghannam is the founder and executive director of Headstand, an organization leading a national movement to combat toxic stress in schools with mindfulness and yoga. Katherine leads workshops training teachers around the country and strategizes with school leaders to develop cultural shifts for greater wellness in K-12 charter schools. Katherine oversees school programming, fundraising, strategic partnerships, and organizational sustainability at Headstand.

Katherine began her studies in mindfulness and yoga nine years ago as a way to relieve stress as a public school teacher. Katherine has been featured in The Atlantic, on CBS national news, NBC4 in Washington D.C. and various print publications for her commitment to building more serene and sustainable environments for K-12 students and teachers.

Headstand has served low-income youth in the San Francisco Bay Area since the program's inception in 2008 at KIPP Summit Academy (KSA). Since then, Headstand has served several schools in the San Francisco Bay Area, and piloted programs in New York City and Houston, serving over 7,500 students over the course of seven years.


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