Cardio classes

Whether you’re just getting started or have lots of experience, Glo has classes at every level, in a diverse range of styles.

Whether you’re just getting started or have lots of experience, Glo has classes at every level, in a diverse range of styles.


Dynamic exercises that boost heart rate.

Cardio classes are designed to boost your heart rate. They can include both high or low-impact movements ranging from circuit training and plyometric exercises to kickboxing and dance-inspired sequences. Cardio exercises are pretty much guaranteed to make you sweat, while also increasing energy, stamina, and cardiovascular health.

Level 2 30 mins

Create balance and build stamina with this fast-paced yoga, Pilates, and kickboxing fusion class. Sweat it out with high-intensity intervals to increase the heart rate followed by stretching and strengthening exercises.

Level 2 30 mins

This fun, high-energy class focuses on simple choreography that combines breath with movement. Sweat away stress with fast-paced movement, plus plenty of modifications for those conscious of high-impact.

Level 2-3 30 mins

Keep your shoes on, this class is all about high-intensity movement. Begin with a challenging, fast-paced warm-up of Marches, High Knees, Skaters, Planks, and Push-Ups. All followed by a satisfying and soothing stretch. This class was previously streamed on January 3, 2021.

Level 1 5 mins

This quick, rhythmic warmup gets your body acclimated to movement as you gear up for a longer class. This class can be done before any class in the Full-Body Burn program, or any class on Glo!

Level 2 30 mins

Congratulations! You made it to day 14 of 14-Day Full-Body Burn! Get your final workout in with a dance party. This class is about good fun and a good sweat. No need for an advanced dance background, all movements are familiar for the most-part and fitness-based. This series builds on easy-to-learn Grapevine, Box Step, and even the Running Man. Celebrate all you’ve accomplished over these last 14 days—you did it! Props Suggested: 1-2 lb. hand weights.

Level 2 30 mins

Welcome to day 1 of 14-Day Full-Body Burn. This sports-themed cardio class focuses on functional movement. Target all the major muscle groups you use most in your daily life—legs, arms, and abs. Get your heart rate up with dynamic jumps, Side Shuffles, Mountain Climbers, Squats, and Planks for a full-body workout. Have fun with this light-hearted yet hardcore cardio workout.

Level 2 30 mins

Get your heart pumping without the jumping. This low-impact class maximizes your cardio output with dynamic, non-stop movements. The only constant in this workout? Change. You’ll never get bored with this routine. Move through squat variations into Mountain Climbers, Low Dips, Side Kicks and punches. Hit it hard all the way through to the finish line with challenging core and floor work. Feel the full-body burn. Suggested Props: Set of light hand weights.

Level 2 15 mins

In Kit’s words, you don’t have to be “good” at running, or even like running to be a runner. This audio-guided class runs you through (literally) how to do a high intensity running routine. From posture to pace and warm-up to cool-down, this class will help you master your “faster." No judgment, no tough love—just you finding your footing on how to gauge maximum and minimum effort.

Level 1-2 30 mins

This 30-minute class is a unique combination of meditation and movement that incorporates modern and contemporary dance techniques, but don’t worry, no technical choreography required—you move your way! Think of this as more of an unconventional Pilates class with a focus on tuning into your own body and mind. We suggest doing this class first thing in the morning rather than in the evening as it will wake you up. Warm up with breathwork and activated stretches. Then make the movement yours in a seated mat dance series and a standing mat dance series. Use your body to release stress, anxiety, or anything weighing on you. Leave lighter, ready for whatever the day may bring.

Level 2-3 60 mins

This full-body workout is bursting with dynamic movements that are designed to challenge your endurance. Sweat it all out with a cardio-focused first half that includes repeating sets of plyometric moves, sports-inspired actions, and even a dance section. Focus on your abs and glutes for the final 20 minutes of class before a well-deserved cool down.

Level 2 45 mins

This low-impact cardio workout will get your heart rate up while using a chair for support and challenge. Featuring plenty of modifications, this class is perfect for beginners, but you’ll still push yourself and work up a sweat with modified jumping jacks, planks, and pushups. Props Suggested: A chair, a resistance band, and a set of light weights.

Level 2 30 mins

Alternate between full-body dance series and traditional HIIT moves for a nonstop, fast-paced, seriously sweaty workout. The dance party won't stop until you've finished four 4-minute rounds, then you'll move on to some fiery arm and ab work to round it all out.

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